Brand NEW Townhouse in Fremont

This brand new townhouse situated between Fremont Ave N and Aurora (which means easy access and great walk score but possibly some noise) is one of 5 modern homes with bright, open spaces and clean lines.  Offered at $535,000 with 2 bedrooms (ensuite master with spacious bath has dedicated floor), 2 baths and off street parking.  OPEN HOUSE this Sunday Jan. 12:  2-4pm



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  • Fremont resident

    Y’all do realize that Fremont is spelled with one “e”, right?

  • Josie

    Hi Demetra,
    I really like your site!
    (but fyi Fremont is spelled with one “e”)
    Best of luck

  • ninaf

    What percentage of Seattle residents that buy 500K+ houses don’t have cars? Maybe I am crazy but I would think more would have cars than not. (aka stop building townhouses without garages)