Updated Mosler Loft Priced to Sell

Mosler 1

Friend of Urbnlivn’s, agent Sam Cunningham, is selling a condo he’s owned at Mosler Lofts since it opened. I hired a designer and remodeled it top to bottom, doing all the fun things I always dreamed of; Vetrazzo countertops, custom light fixtures designed to look like the sprinkler system with Edison bulbs, some cool wood… Read More

Big Penthouse at Mosler Lofts

2720 3rd Ave - ph4 - Living

Here’s a nearly 2,000 square foot penthouse at Mosler Lofts. It doesn’t have the soaring ceilings of the north facing penthouses but it still boasts incredible views and is roomy with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I love how the living room wall opens up to the deck. Listed at $1.69m it sold brand new… Read More

Another Mosler Lofts Penthouse!

2720 3rd Ave - Ph 1 - Living Room

You now have your pick of three penthouses at Mosler Lofts. You have the developer’s, Penthouse #2, that has been on and off the market for years. Penthouse #6 that hit the market this week. And now, Penthouse #1 that just hit the market today. At $2.3m it is the priciest of the three. It… Read More

Mosler Lofts Penthouse

2720 3rd Ave - Deck

I love this penthouse at Mosler Lofts that hit the market this week. West views, reasonable size deck, modern fireplace. $1.395m for 2 beds, 1.75 baths, 1,529 square feet. Bought brand new in 2008 for $1,286,000. Plus you’d be neighbors with the building’s developer, Mark Schuster, who has been trying to sell his larger, even… Read More

Mosler Lofts Lawsuit Settled for $8.5M

Mosler Lofts

Official word on the Mosler Lofts lawsuit settlement is that they settled for $8.5M. Nowhere near the $26M lawsuit at 2200. The Mosler Lofts Home Owners Association is pleased to announce settlement of the recent litigation between the Mosler Lofts HOA and Belltown Development Partners, developer of Mosler Lofts condominium. Through the diligent efforts of… Read More

Mosler Lofts Settlement Exceeded Expectations

No word yet on the specifics of the Mosler Lofts lawsuit settlement, but at least one homeowner is happy: We were asked by the HOA to hold off a bit until the ink has a chance to get “on paper” and dry, but…as an owner and representative of a lot of buyers/sellers at Mosler, I… Read More

How Much Did Schuster Settle For With Mosler Lofts?

Word is that the construction defect lawsuit at Mosler Lofts has been settled. Mosler owners, what’s the word?

Very Nice and Reasonable Rental at Mosler Lofts

Rental at 2720 3rd Ave #512

I’ve always had a condo crush on the Mosler Lofts in Belltown, with its concrete, steel and glass facade. If I didn’t own a place, I would jump at this new rental listing. Unit #512 spans 1,126 sq. ft. with one bedroom, a den and 1.75 bathroom, plus a private 500 sq. ft. deck. As… Read More

Mosler Lofts Gearing Up For Big Lawsuit

Word is that Mosler Lofts owners have been hit up by their HOA for a million dollars to fund an investigation to go after construction defects. A million dollars just for the investigation! Makes the settlement at Trace Lofts seem like peanuts. Bets on whether the final bill tops the $26 million settlement at 2200?… Read More

15 Holiday Sales Last Week

1408 12th Ave

I apologize for the delay for interesting sales post this week, but I’m just now slowly beginning to recover from the eggnog and fruitcake hangover. Last week sales were predictably slow if not stagnant. 15 sales across the board with one at Olive 8, and most in the downtown and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. Some interesting… Read More

Update on Post-Flood Mosler Lofts

Before the year is up, we should probably circle back on one of the bigger stories of the year: the flood at Mosler Lofts. To quickly recap, the flood happened in May, impacted as many as 30 units on the 7th floor and below, forced some residents to relocate while repairs were made, and generally… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

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Looks like the final developer-owned unit at Enso went pending late last week and the project is basically sold out (after the 5 or so pending sales close in the coming weeks, that is). In closed sales news, 19 condos and townhouses closed last week including a former foreclosure at Mosler Lofts in Belltown, a… Read More

Seattle’s Penthouse Loft Listings

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The penthouse showcase at Realogics got me thinking about penthouses. I started wondering how many penthouses are currently listed and, more specifically, how many top floor condos bill themselves as both penthouses and lofts? My methods are far from a complete and accurate search but here’s a quick look at what I came across. A… Read More

A Visit to Mosler Lofts PH#2

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Earlier this week Realogics had a broker’s open to showcase several of their penthouse listings in Seattle (and unique townhouses – read: Enclave and Sanctuary). And although I’m not a broker, they let me ogle PH#2 at Mosler Lofts anyway. Sadly, I only had time to stop in on one property that day. Matt has… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

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I was about to say there weren’t any closed sales in new construction condos last week but then I refreshed my Redfin query at noon. One popped up for Downtown’s Escala (#606 for $410K) and also the Dakota over in West Seattle (#410 for $390K). In total, there were 23 condo and townhouse sales closed… Read More

Kiro 7 on Mosler Lofts Flood

Matt already covered some of the Mosler Lofts flood story in his post at the end of May, but looks like Kiro 7 really pounded the pavement to see if they could get more details. BelltownPeople saw the article first but here’s the link: Belltown Condo Owners Deal with Headaches After Massive Flood Damage. This… Read More

Flood at Mosler Lofts!

Two weeks ago a Mosler Lofts resident got home to their seventh floor unit Saturday night, started drawing a bath and promptly fell asleep. At 6 am on Sunday a neighboring resident awoke to find water flooding their place. Leaving a bathtub running all night flooded the stack immediately below the unit, the stacks adjoining… Read More

Mosler Lofts Profiled in ArchDaily

Mosler Lofts Interior

ArchDaily recently published a lengthy write-up of the sustainable features of Mosler Lofts (including lots of pictures). The article made me wonder if Mosler Lofts (2720 3rd Ave) stands alone in providing residents with: free membership to an on-site hybrid ZipCar an alternative fuel-recharging system in the garage HOA dues include paying for a green… Read More

Mark Phillips Sells Mosler Penthouse For Huge Loss

Penthouse #1 at Mosler Lofts sold two days ago for $1.5 million (we last blogged about this unit in June). This is a significant markdown from it’s original listing price of $1,975,000 and it’s last sale price of $2.3 million in May 2008. The seller, Mark Phillips, must have been motivated after 155 days on… Read More

Lofty Pursuits, Schuster Writes About Mosler Lofts

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Mark Schuster, the developer behind Mosler Lofts, has written a book, Lofty Pursuits about his career and building Mosler Lofts, a Belltown condo. Lofty Pursuits is a journey of success built the old-fashioned way: through perseverance and hard work. Over the course of twenty-five years, Seattle real estate developer Mark Schuster went from scrubbing toilets… Read More