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Holy Bright Red Backsplash

By March 13, 2013

Phinney Ridge

While flipping through the listing photos of this new Phinney Ridge house, the backsplash halted my progress like a big stop sign. Whoa! That’s a bright red.Splash2

From afar, the color, combined with the tiling effect, almost reminds me of the bright orange mesh that crews use to cordon off a construction site. I’m not sure I’d want to look at this explosion of color every time I walk into my kitchen, but props to the interior designer and developer for making a bold choice. What do you think?


The house is located at 404 NW Market St and features three bedrooms and three baths over 2,200 sq. ft. The listing boasts “fantastic sweeping views of Ballard” to the west (the many power lines don’t strike me as fantastic), a “master penthouse suite with a five-piece spa, gorgeous finishes and a crisp contemporary design.” The home is listed for $649,950.

404 NW Market St.

404 NW Market St.

I’m not too familiar with Phinney Ridge real estate other than hearing anecdotes from friends. The price per sq. ft. of $295 seems in line with sales and listings in the neighborhood but the price strikes me as high for what you get. Again, what do you think?