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Midcentury time capsule on Evergreen Point Road seeks wealthy benefactor

Houses, Medina

2036 Evergreen Point Road in Medina was built in 1956 as a builder’s personal home. Today, it’s in one of the ritziest neighborhoods not just in the state, but the world—its neighbors include both Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. This home’s original skeleton and vintage appliances are interesting to fans of midcentury modern design, but they also set it apart from its comparably opulent neighbors.

There’s a lot to love here: A classic brick-pillar fireplace opens to hearths in both the living area and the kitchen. Period fixtures still pepper the the living and dining area. Even some retro linoleum stuck around—and pink bathroom countertops.

Besides, it’s not like it’d be a modest home in most Seattle-area neighborhoods: Five bedrooms on a third of an acre is nothing to shake a stick at. Just most neighborhoods are not Evergreen Point Road.

Listed by Carlene Sandstrom, Windermere | Priced at $2.1 million

Sarah was a contributing writer to Urban Living. She can’t sell you a house, but she’ll talk about them for as long as anybody will listen.