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A Tale Of Two Lofts On Capitol Hill

By October 30, 2014

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530 Broadway E unit 236_building

Finally, some more lofts hit the market.  First up is unit 236 at 530 Broadway E.  Listing for $425,000 ($444 a square foot), this 1.5 bathroom, loft unit at the Brix has 958 square feet.  The kitchen has a gas range/oven, double sink, and glass front upper cabinets.  The loft area looks roomy, has a walk-in closet, and laundry in a separate closet.  The building has a very nice rooftop deck and 1 parking space is included.  Great location.

530 Broadway E unit 236_liv1

530 Broadway E unit 236_liv2

530 Broadway E unit 236_loft

530 Broadway E unit 236_kit

Next up is unit 215 at 1812 19th Ave.  Listing for $409,950 ($502 a square foot), this open bedroom at 19th Ave Lofts, has 1 bathroom, a low ceiling loft, and 817 square feet.  It has a nice deck with open views, concrete floors, parking, and a gas fireplace.  The loft is accessed by a ladder, but that could be improved if you wanted to use it as a sleeping area.  It seems overpriced compared to the other unit, since it is towards the southeast end of Capitol Hill, only has 1 bathroom, and the bedroom area is not that great.  The HOA dues are only $309 compared to $508 at the Brix unit.

1812 19th Ave unit 215_liv

1812 19th Ave unit 215_deck

1812 19th Ave unit 215_kit

1812 19th Ave unit 215_hall

1812 19th Ave unit 215_bed

1812 19th Ave unit 215_bath

1812 19th Ave unit 215_loft