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Capitol Hill Listing Lives Up to Luxury Language

By November 13, 2012

Capitol Hill, Townhouses

Don’t you hate it when a listing claims a home features high-end finishes when the cabinets are made of fancy-looking particle board? Or a listing that advertises a great water view but you have to look through three buildings to see it? It’s a long way to say what a pleasure it was to tour the new Boylston Residences on North Capitol Hill over the weekend.

“Boylston Residences” on Boylston Ave between Roy and Aloha

The six townhouses, advertised as luxury residences, actually live up to the language. Before even going inside the homes on Boylston Ave between Aloha and Roy Streets, I was struck by the buildings’ exterior. The wooden planks that make up the bulk of the façade are striking, more so in person than in the photos. Perhaps I really liked the exterior because it’s more modern, and to me more stylish, than the Harvard & Highland condos next door.

Either way, once you step inside and put your hand on the finishes, you immediately sense the high quality of the materials. From the white oak (or walnut) floors to the thick quartz countertops, the Wolf stainless steel appliances to the walnut cabinetry, the designer tiles to the hefty doors, you can tell the developer considered the appearance and the substance when choosing the materials. And they used the pieces to lay out a contemporary design that is minimalist, yet warm.

Open kitchen in Unit 732-A

Now, even as I gush about these homes, I’m not saying I would rush out to put in an offer. The luxury comes at a price. Unit 732-A is listed at just over $1.3 million for 4 bedrooms and 5 baths in 2,968 sq ft ($446/sq ft). Unit 732-B is available for $890,000 for 3 bedrooms and 3 baths in 1,958 sq ft ($454/sq ft). (These are not condos so there are no HOA dues but there will be a common maintenance fee).

Even if you’re shopping in this price range, these homes may not be for you, especially if you don’t want to climb multiple stairs. Also, a few of the north-facing bedrooms look directly into the neighbors’ homes, while the layout in the smaller floor plan (like Unit 732-B) leaves a somewhat constrained living room and kitchen.

So far, one of the four available homes has already sold. Two more homes will come onto the market in the near future.