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A Similar Loft to Mine Just Sold (Off-Market) at Trace

Et cetera, Trace Lofts

By July 10, 2018

After I sold a condo at the Meritage this spring, a neighboring…

Pioneer Square Loft at 80 S Jackson

80 S Jackson

By June 8, 2018

After a handful of lofts earlier in the year, it has been…

Flexi Loft at Veer Lofts

Veer Lofts

By June 1, 2018

Loft fans, it has been slim pickings recently, so perhaps jump at…

Rent at Trace Lofts

Trace Lofts

By June 1, 2018

A blog reader is looking to rent their loft at Trace. So…

I’m Selling My Loft (!!!)

Trace Lofts

By April 10, 2018

The rumors are true, I’m selling my loft! It was the quest…

Another Loft in the Market!


By April 7, 2018

Loft R302 is the third loft to come up for sale in…

Another Loft at the Fix/Madore


By March 23, 2018

If you missed out on our listing at the Fix/Madore, you’re in…

Great Loft at the Fix/Madore in Pike Place Market


By March 12, 2018

Sitting between Pike Place Market and a waterfront that is about to…

$500k Loft at Trace on Capitol Hill

Trace Lofts

By March 11, 2018

Affordable loft fans – check out #311 at Trace Lofts, the second…

Well Decorated Loft at Veer

Veer Lofts

By February 23, 2018

I’d love to meet the sellers of loft #609 at Veer Lofts.…