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Wallingford45 – 8 units left

Wallingford 45

By November 17, 2020

Wallingford45 the 48-unit condo building on 45th that started sales in the…

The Neighborhood Collection, A Year Later

750 on the Hill, Edison, Wallingford 45

By September 20, 2019

A year ago, after one of the worst real estate summers we’d…

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Wallingford 45 20% Pending

Wallingford 45

By June 10, 2019

Wallingford 45 the 48-unit new apartment to condo conversion is reporting that…

Wallingford 45 Switches Listing Agents for the 3rd Time

Wallingford 45

By May 10, 2019

Remarkably Wallingford 45, a new apartment turned condos, is on their third…

Wallingford 45 Back on the Market

Wallingford 45

By March 27, 2019

Wallingford 45, a 48-unit condo building, that was previously part of the…

A Visit to the Neighborhood Collection

750 on the Hill, Edison, Wallingford 45

By October 23, 2018

The Neighborhood Collection, three buildings that were built to be apartments but…

Wallingford45 Photos and More Pricing

Wallingford 45

By October 22, 2018

I swung by Wallingford45 to check it out in person this past…

Wallingford45 Lists One Unit on the MLS

Wallingford 45

By October 19, 2018

Wallingford 45, the 48-unit condo part of the Neigbhorhood Collective, a group of…

Four Condos Started Reservations Today and There Were No Lines

750 on the Hill, Edison, Solis, Wallingford 45

By September 15, 2018

Four new condo buildings held reservation events on Capitol Hill this morning.…

“Neighborhood Collective” to Start Reservations September 15th

750 on the Hill, Edison, Wallingford 45

By September 7, 2018

We hear that the “Neighborhood Collective”, three buildings that were to be…