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Finding a Seattle Rental

We get a lot of requests for help with finding rental apartments or houses in Seattle. We’d be happy to help, but truth be told, in Seattle you don’t really need a real estate agent to help you find a rental.

Here’s where to look:

  1. Craigslist: unfortunately Craigslist is still is your best bet for finding a place. Many property managers and amateur landlords advertise here. Just make sure you visit the place and confirm it is real before sending them money!
  2. Zillow: is a good compliment to searching Craigslist and has many of the larger apartments.
  3. Windermere: this is where real estate agents list homes for rent so you’re likely to find nicer condos and single family homes for rent

Need a short term furnished rental? AirBNB is your best bet.

Don’t have the time to find yourself a rental? Since apartments in Seattle don’t provide compensation for real estate agents, we charge $250/hour to help you find a place. You can reach us at [email protected] to get a quote for what finding an apartment would cost you through us.