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Hillside MidCentury Contemporary

By October 17, 2014

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6620 57th Ave NE_drawing

This View Ridge home is really a blend of styles: the overhangs of the roof and decks reminds me of a pagoda; the roof’s fascia is detailed; the stairs are one of kind. 6620 57th Ave NE has been lovingly restored and updated, keeping the basic elements of the design intact, all cabinets have an original look.  Built in 1964, it has 4 bedrooms, 2.75 bathrooms, 2,920 square feet, and lists for $829,999.  For your money you get 10′ wide glass doors, exposed wood beams, and decks outside the open living area and the bedrooms upstairs.  Upgrades include high end kitchen appliances, stainless counter tops, new roof that is insulated, and blonde bamboo flooring.

6620 57th Ave NE_street

6620 57th Ave NE_stairs

6620 57th Ave NE_live & fire

6620 57th Ave NE_live

6620 57th Ave NE_live view

6620 57th Ave NE_kit & dine

6620 57th Ave NE_kit

6620 57th Ave NE_bed mastr

6620 57th Ave NE_bath mastr

6620 57th Ave NE_bath

6620 57th Ave NE_bed

6620 57th Ave NE_back