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Two Left at Malden 8 & Fremont 6

By January 3, 2012

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Last week we got word from Tim at Isola Homes that December was a good month for Malden 8 and Fremont 6. There are only two townhouses left at each development.

At Malden 8, 434 Malden Ave E and 428 Malden Ave E are both listed for the pre-sale price of $560K. These two are the back north and south corners (also known as Cascade A and Cascade D on their map). At Fremont 6, the remaining townhouses are 4411 Phinney Ave N for $570K and one other.

Tim reports that at Malden 8 there were 3-4 offers in the works even before their open house and that all units went under contract for the asking pre-sale price or above (2 units had multiple offers so went for more). Malden 8 is only starting to put in the interior finishes:

We are still just finishing plumbing and lighting trim at Malden 8, putting in egg-shaped tubs in the master baths and installing glass curtain walls along the steel and glass stairs. It will not be long before people can really see how these units will finish out in late February/early March.

Even then, Drew Smith had half a dozen appointments with agents and potential buyers last week (a high amount of activity considered unusual this time of year). But perhaps that level of activity shouldn’t be such a surprise to us considering the interest we’ve seen on Urban Living.

If you are wondering what is next for Isola Homes, they are framing up a project in Phinney Ridge (Phinney Row) and working on getting Eastlake 6 through the city’s new design review process and hope to start building in the spring.