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Photos: Preview of Isola Homes’ Eastlake6 Townhomes

By November 15, 2012


Photos by Suzi-Pratt.com for Urban Living

Sustainable and modern home builders Isola Homes are hard at work on their newest townhomes at Eastlake6. This six-unit cluster of homes is located at 2215 Boylston Ave East, in the heart of the Eastlake neighborhood. The homes are still being constructed, with completion expected in mid-January 2013 and move-ins to begin as early as February. Tim O’Shea and Jason Wrzesinski of Isola Homes were excited to take Urban Living on a preview tour of the homes. Read on for details and photos!

Each home will have three bedrooms and two and a quarter bathrooms.  The units will have three floors of living space ranging in size from 1620 square feet in the smaller units and 1720 square feet in the larger units, well above the average Seattle townhome size of 1500 square feet. While the homes will not have a garage (parking will be in an outside alley), each will be equipped with a generous storage space in the area where the garage typically would be. For the smaller units, the storage space, accessible only from the outside, averages about 16×16.

Lower level storage space

In terms of the actual living spaces, the main floor has an open design to be equipped with hardwood floors and a staircase that will have a clear glass panels on the side facing the living room. There are also 8 feet tall glass windows on the west-facing side, offering plenty of natural lighting.

8 feet tall windows on the main floor

The homes is also very well insulated from cold and outside noise, with an inch of spray foam lining the walls and the use of triple pane glass windows as well as radiant heating throughout the house. When the heat turns up during the summer, the townhouse will not suffer from over-insulation since its strategically placed windows will offer superior cross-ventilation. The houses are also pre-wired for ceiling fan installation.

Spray foam insulation

Thick insulation of the walls

Among the many selling points of these homes will be the open space rooftop decks, which will be equipped with gas hookups for BBQs and wired for outside speaker installation.  Mini-kitchenettes will also be conveniently located just outside of the rooftop deck door. A stunning, unobstructed views of the Space Needle, Fremont Bridge, Cascade Mountains, and Lake Union are also visible from the decks of all six homes.

Rooftop deck view

Rooftop deck views

Each townhome is currently a 4 star built green home, with many initiatives being made by Isola Homes to get them to a 5 star rating.  The homes are expected to be priced between $539,000 on the low side and $625,000 on the high side.

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