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Queen Anne’s Galer 8 in Receivership, Seeking Bids

By July 19, 2011

Galer 8, Queen Anne, Townhouses

In an odd confluence of events yesterday, I was researching Malden 8 when I remembered that I snapped a couple shots of Galer 8 on Queen Anne over a month ago. It’s another townhouse project that I had noticed was under construction. Anyways, considering the similarity in names, I called over to the number on the sign to inquire about Galer 8 and see if there was any relation to Malden 8.

Answer: Both were originally projects owned by Delbyrne LLC.

And Chad of Elliott Bay was kind enough to fill me in on what the deal was with Galer 8 which I’ve been *cough* meaning to check on for a while :). Bonus.

When I took the photos, I assumed the development was under construction but it turns out that the project stalled in 2009 and then went into receivership in March 2011. Elliott Bay has been retained and is currently seeking sealed bid offers from interested developers who want to pick it up and finish what’s been started. Due date for bids is unknown.

The development is located at 315 W Galer Street and situated between Top Pot Doughnuts to the west and Trader Joe’s is a couple blocks to the east. The project was planned to be eight townhouses in total (2 live/work units that face Galer and 6 townhomes). Construction currently sits at about about 40-50% complete. Elliott Bay has architectural, structural, landscape design, etc documents that can be made available to interested developers on their website.

Galer 8

Galer 8

Galer 8