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Seattle and Bellevue Remodeling Cost Estimates Cheat Sheet

Thinking of remodeling or building a new home in Seattle or Bellevue? Thanks to Jeff Pelletier, a managing principal, and founder of Seattle architecture firm, Board & Vellum, we have some guidance on what to expect cost-wise.

Construction costs for kitchens, bathrooms, and more:

  • Kitchen remodel
    • Plumbing and appliance locations are unchanged: $75-150k+
    • Kitchen reorganized in place (no walls moved): $100-200k+
    • Re-envision the space with structural changes: $200k+
  • Bathroom remodel
    • Replace in place: $30-50k+
    • Bathroom reorganize in place: $50-75k
    • Add a bathroom or structural changes: $50-150k+
  • Finish a basement with a family room, bedroom and bathroom: $225-400k+
  • Dig out and finish basement: $400-500k
  • Add a second story with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms: $750k+
  • Lift the house: $150k+ (just for the lift)
  • Garage: $60-100k
  • Detached acessory dwelling unit (DADU): $450k

General Seattle remodel costs:

  • Cosmetic remodel (paint, flooring, trim, hardware): $300 a square foot
  • Whole house remodel: $500-800+ a square foot

Looking to build new?

  • Prescriptive (spec) built new home: $400-600 a square foot
  • Custom built new home: $650-1200 a square foot

Keep in mind that these are very rough estimates, and depending on your situation you could spend much more, or perhaps less if you’re crafty!


Contractors, are super busy right now and are booking 6-12+ months out. 


What if you want a killer yard? Jeff’s cheat sheet for landscaping is to take the value of your house:

  1. Irrigation and planting: if you scrape the lot and just do irrigation and planting ~5% of house value
  2. Some hardscape and wood fencing: (but nothing fancy, maybe a fire pit)  ~10%
  3. Outdoor kitchen, extensive paving/deck, arbor, etc  ~15%
  4. Going for it? You can spend 20%+

If you’re only doing part of the site, you can divide by the total area. However, areas that are hard to reach will cost more. For a deeper dive, see their post on the subject

Photo credits:

  • Top kitchen:  Derek Reeves
  • Lower kitchen:  John G Wilbanks Photography
  • Bathroom:  TC Peterson Photography

Last updated: March 2022