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See the Space Needle from Your Shower

By June 28, 2014

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Google Street View gives away a total overhaul at 2640 W Boston Street.  From aging colonial to cool contemporary, what a difference a year makes with MK2 Properties at the helm!

Walls of windows, south-facing views, and one really cool fireplace have me thinking about moving to Magnolia.  Listed at $1,495,500, this 4 bedroom, 3.24 bath has over 3,000 sq ft of space with a surprise around every corner, including the aforementioned shower with Space Needle views.  While the expansive views are fantastic, I appreciate that the backside of the house is shaded by mature trees that are a nice backdrop to the dining and family room, and lend privacy to the compact backyard.  I also like that they paired wood with the sleek modern finishes throughout to keep some warmth in the space throughout.

Open tomorrow, Sunday, June 29th, from 1-4 pm if you’d like to check it out.


boston main

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boston kitchen

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