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A modern townhouse with solar panels and custom library

By May 20, 2020

Capitol Hill, Townhouses

339 16th Avenue Unit C is far from the usual townhouse, with more surprises the higher you climb—but the real highlight is the top-floor living area. The boxy townhouse shape hides a gable in the center for an airy cathedral ceiling over the dining area.

It’s one of several clever ways this home breaks the 2015 townhouse mold: A clever space-saving miniature library accessible via sliding ladder lines the ceiling below the peak. One of several skylights above is a door to the rooftop deck for a feeling like climbing into the clouds. The kitchen is semi-enclosed, tucked in behind the staircase so you can focus on cooking—or hide the mess from dinner guests.

Also of note: solar panels along the roof slope and a Murphy bed in the office that folds out horizontally.

Listed by RSVP Real Estate | Priced at $945,000

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