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You’re Invited: Urban Living Meetup — Wednesday, 31-Jan-2007

By January 26, 2007

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by guest contributor Carl Goodman

You’re invited to the Urban Living Meetup inaugural get together:

Wednesday, 31-Jan-2007
7:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Broadway Grill, back lounge
314 Broadway East, Capitol Hill
(No-host soda, beer, wine and appetizers will be available.)

Don’t know about you, but I think of Urban Living as a lifestyle site – full of culturally aware urban dwellers who love Seattle, but wish it had more of a 24-hour vibe. Matt’s unique voice and passion have become infectious and feed into my own desire to see Seattle become a pulsating, cosmopolitan city.

Matt has mentioned the Redfin meetups. How about Urban Living meetups too? Are our commonalities enough to create an offline community? I’d like to find out.

One of my goals is to get beyond the frenzy of real estate transactions to see how we can coalesce as advocates of urban values. Can we kick back a beer while evaluating what directions Seattle urban planning is taking that merit our support, pinpoint wrongheaded policies that need our influence to revise, share RE war stories, and help build a sense of urban community?

Some examples of things we could discuss include the state of Seattle architectural design standards (or lack thereof), enhancing tenant protections in condo conversions, getting our regional transportation act together, and sharing tips on keeping things in perspective as we strive to become mini real estate moguls.

I’d surmise we’re an incipient force with which to be reckoned. Let’s see.

Questions? Contact Carl Goodman at [email protected]. Hope to see you on the 31st!

Note from Matt: RSVP in the comments!