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Seattle Times on Condo Appreciation

Seattle Times: Condos appreciate strongly; studios lead: Since 2000, King County condominiums have outperformed single-family houses two out of five years. And even when they haven’t, their appreciation has been strong. In 2005, for example, the county’s single-family houses appreciated 16.3 percent per square foot. Condos climbed a healthy 13.5 percent. The article also lists… Read More

Enso handouts

I haven’t attended the Enso information session yet but here are some of the handouts: Enso Rendering Hosted on Zooomr Enso Floorplate Hosted on Zooomr Enso Pricing Hosted on Zooomr As well as floor plans which I posted earlier.

I finally attended the Veer Lofts information session

Today I attended the informational session for the Veer Lofts along with about ten other people. They start you off with a 7 minute inspirational/aspirational video about neighborhoods and an overview of the South Lake Union neighborhood. Then they take you to their model of downtown Seattle and show you what’s been built and what’s… Read More

Wendy interviews Jon Hunter from SLU

Wendy interviews Jon Hunter, Assistant Branch Manager from John L. Scott working with Vulcan on the South Lake Union projects. She’s also posted the full interview [PDF]. I’m also going to have the chance to sit down with Jon so if you have any questions (preferably hard ones) please leave them in the comments or… Read More

New conversion: Arboretum View

I got an email today about a new conversion project: I stopped by Arboretum View conversion condominiums last night. They just started selling over the weekend. website: Located on 2512 E Madison, Seattle WA 98112 Availability as of last night: 9 – 1 br. Price ranges from $244,990 to $314,990 SF ranges from 579… Read More

Escala Preview This Thursday

If you’ve got $500,000 to $5 million and want to live downtown (and if you don’t, why are you reading this blog?) you should check out the Escala preview event this Thursday at 5pm (presumably since you’re so rich you can leave work early). It’s at 414 Stewart Street, suite 200 in ‘Seattle’s vibrant Midtown’… Read More

City Income Donuts

Radical Cartography recently published an info graphic testing the donut hypothesis: These maps show the distribution of income (per capita) around the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the US (all those with population greater than 2,000,000). The goal was to test the “donut” hypothesis — the idea that a city will create concentric rings of… Read More

Domaine Now Selling

Domaine is now selling. Sales center is at 1606 8th Avenue North (off of Westlake Avenue North).

Wendy has a post out about 1521 Fifteen Twenty One, not just another number. One interesting luxury condo is 1521 on 2nd Ave between Pike and Pine St. The condo has been receiving so much interest that more than 50% of their units were sold and the developer will be raising their price tomorrow for… Read More

Mezzo: 22 left.

Mezzo (yet another Capitol Hill conversion (did I mention my rent is going up and there is now a waiting list to get into my apartment?)) apparently only has 22 units left….

Hjarta preview

Interested in green living in Ballard? The Hjarta is having their preview July 22nd, 10am-5pm at 1546 NW 56th St., Seattle, WA 98107. I like green living, but Ballard is too far away for me.

How vibrant do you like your urban living?

A few weeks ago the Stranger had a great article about the tension between the local government and downtown nightlife; Corralling Clubland: Although Twist just opened its doors this spring, it already has the dubious distinction of being perhaps the most heavily regulated bar in Seattle. Among the 54 special regulations included in Twist’s “good-neighbor… Read More

Update on High School finishes

Got an email giving an update on Queen Anne High School: For the homes at the school, two color schemes are available, and the homes are being finished half with rich cherry cabinets and half with crisp white cabinets with beadboard detail. The kitchens in most homes have been reconfigured to include a work island,… Read More

Who benefits financially from retail spaces?

A comment was recently left about who benefits financially from the retail spaces below some of the new developments: Another factor that disuades me from the Vulcan projects is that unlike the Lumen, for example, where QFC’s rent contributes to the homeowners association (IOW, the building), it is my understanding that Vulcan will retain control… Read More

Conversions come at a cost

Tenants in a bind when their apartments turn condo: “It was just a horrible place to be, with constant noise, construction and hordes of prospective buyers traipsing through,” said Reynolds, 32, a legal assistant at a Belltown law firm. [cut] Reynolds isn’t alone in feeling the sting of Seattle’s condo-conversion craze. In the first six… Read More

Vulcan informationals

Wendy recently attended the Vulcan informational for the Enso. Has anyone attended any of the other informationals? I’ve been swamped the last week weeks but I’m going to make an effort to call and setup an appointment tomorrow.

Braeburn releases final 6 homes

From their spam: Braeburn Condos Final Release of ONLY 6 HOMES! Come and view the final 6 homes to be sold at Braeburn’s Sales Center, on July 15 & 16, Open from 11am to 6pm, both Saturday and Sunday. Open 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom with Den, and 2 Bedrooms with Den Floor plans, AVAILABLE NOW…. Read More

Readers thoughts on 3901

Kerrie from The Daily Headache stopped by the 3901 open house and had this to say: I stopped by the 3901 First building’s broker open house today and was pleasantly surprised. There are 14 units, which range from 564 to 623 sq ft (the majority are about 610 sq ft) and all the floor plans… Read More

Background on the Biscayne

If you’re interested in the Biscayne you might also be interested in this comment left recently here by Vito: About the Biscayne — was previously known as the Egypt when they were rental apts. Building has had a lot of structural, siding and roof problems (was cheaply built in the first place) — buyer beware,… Read More

Vulcan websites updated

I was busy enjoying the long weekend but some of you more real estate obsessed than I noticed that Vulcan updated their four websites this past Friday: Enso The Martin Rollin Street Veer Lofts After reviewing the sites I have to say I expected a lot more from Vulcan. From the Flash ads at the… Read More