Decatur party was packed

I was unable to attend the Decatur opening event. I thought it was just a preview event but apparently they were writing up purchase and sale agreements. I hear from my spies that the place was packed, every one was elbow to elbow and that at least 26 PSAs were drawn up. I also hear that while the model units are nice the building’s hallways need a makeover and it is unclear they will be getting one.

Now Wendy was able to attend the event and you can find her thoughts here, Decatur update.

Something I’d recommend if you’re checking out a conversion from an apartment is to check out the apartment’s ratings. for Decatur:

At a 50% rating it’s no surprise to see a wide range of comments from:

the quality of the building is second rate-and you don’t even get your own washer dryer in your “condo”…
it’s all about money here….don’t spend your hard earned money on this place.


The Decatur was sold, and it’s going to be condos. I really liked it here–great location, friendly and attentive mgmt, etc, but it’s all about the $$ and they are being converted to condos.

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