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Do prices drive single women out of downtown?

The Seattle Times had an article recently that I never saw since I don’t read the Seattle Times. Maybe some of you also did not see it – Prices driving single women from downtown condo market. Half of downtown condo buyers are couples, a third are single men and the remaining 17 percent are single… Read More

The Stranger mocks the Condo Expo

Charles Mudude at The Stranger writes the article I wanted to write if I knew how to write (I know it’s not an excuse but I have a degree in mathematics), Where’s the Party? I Went to the Condo Expo and All I Got Was a Pamphlet and a Bottled Water: Why was the event… Read More

Washer/dryer, no washer/dryer?

I had someone who was selling their condo unit with washer/dryer hookups ask me whether they should install a washer and dryer before selling. I in turn asked one of our listing agents at Redfin the same question and she recommended installing the washer and dryer before selling. What’s the consumer take on this? My… Read More

Mosler Lofts blog

Interested in what’s happening at Molser Lofts? Owner Seth has started a blog about all things Mosler.

Condos are in demand but…

If condos are really in demand why all the incentives? From this Sunday’s Seattle Times. Carbon 56: $5,600 buyer bonus Decatur: $4,000 buyer bonus Press: No HOA dues for 2 years Queen Anne High: $10,000 buyer bonus on all homes Tobira: $4,000 buyer bonus

Seattle Times on health of condo books

In the Q&A section of the Seattle Times on Sunday, Accountant can judge health of condo books: Q: I’m considering buying a condominium. Who can I go to who can examine the condo association’s finances? If I could hire someone to do this investigating, maybe it could save me from a lot of problems.

Turn around at the Decatur

Matt: It seems as though there has been a turn around at the Decatur since our first reader report. Read on about how the situation has changed from a reader. I closed on my unit in Decatur 32 days ago and am very pleased with my decision. Since Decatur and Wysong have previously received an… Read More

Seattle Condo Expo re-cap

Given how rainy it was today I didn’t feel guilty spending a few hours at the Seattle Condo Expo. Overall the Expo was a bust but the talks were good. To get a sense of who was all there I uploaded the map of the showroom floor. As you can see there were a lot… Read More

Condo Expo: Dean Jones on market trends

Here are my notes from Dean Jones of Realogics talk on market trends. He started with a slide featuring four buildings – Escala, 1 Hotel, 1521 and Four Season: Average price: $1.6 million/unit 50% pre-sold Completion: Winter 08/09 These are grand estates in the sky and show that there has been pent up demand at… Read More

Condo Expo: Blaine Weber on high density housing trends

Here are my notes from Blaine Weber’s, of Weber + Thompson, talk on high density housing trends. There are three ideas that are big picture trend drivers in high density housing. 1. Sensibility Good design has demonstrable value Buyers will pay premium Market is responsive to innovation, authenticity, elegantly simple design Modern design is back… Read More

Condo Expo: Matthew Gardner on Seattle area economics and forecast

Here are my notes from Matthew Gardner’s of Gardner-Johnson talk on Seattle area economics and real estate market forecast. He started with a brief photo history of condos in Seattle. Things got started in 1982. In 1990 One Pacific Tower was built. Average unit size was 1,200 square feet. There were 4000 units in the… Read More

Condo Expo: Sales #’s updates

I went to the Expo today. Here’s an update on sales numbers. 1 – 143 reservations for 208 units 1521 – 131 of 141 units sold Brix – 68 of 141 units sold Domaine – 10 of 92 units sold. I heard a rumor they took all the units off the market but they haven’t…. Read More

Escala instead of the Condo Expo

I was a little too hungover to make it to the condo expo today (though CrazyAboutCities was there and has a report.) I’ve found that putting on a smiley face and bullshitting with sales associates requires a certain level of mental dexterity, a level I was not possessing today. I did manage to make myself… Read More

Bellagio Price Sheet

Two people recently asked about the Bellagio on Capitol Hill. Here is the price sheet they have one unit at $340,000 with the rest in the mid fives and up. As for numbers, 12 sold, 1 contingent, 10 available. After putting my math degree from a prestigious university to work I do not think it… Read More

Which events are you attending this weekend?

I’m running off to hockey but here are a few things to check out this weekend if it rains… 1100 E Howell Phase two of 1100 E Howell is getting started soon. 24 townhomes, radiant in-floor heated hardwood, across from the park, underground parking, etc. Presentation center is open daily. Monday 1pm to 6pm and… Read More

MLS Watch: Sigh

1310 E Union I have been wanting this unit to come on the market, but damnit it, it is (way) out of my reach. Unit #301, 1,123 square feet, $695,000 ($619/SqFt).

Anhalt conversion on Capitol Hill

There is an Anahalt building on 12th and John that has been converted to condos. Here is the pricing since it is not on their website: Unit # Type Beds Square Feet Price 1 Stand Alone Townhome 2 1015 499,990 2 Stand Alone Townhome 2 1016 493,990 3 Stand Alone Townhome 2 1092 499,990 4… Read More

MLS Watch

Sorry for the slow posting, work is killing me. 2200 vs. Cosmo 36 vs. 65. It’s also interesting to note that there are 4 new listings at 2200 listed by John L Scott’s Jon Hunter who is working for Vulcan on Enso/Rollin/Veer. The listings all look curiously the same. Are these Vulcan owned units that… Read More

Noma delayed another 2-3 months

I received another update on Noma: The building has, indeed, been delayed another 2-3 months. A friend of mine who also just backed out had a (3rd) closing date of June 4th bumped to July 30th, but that was assuming they could get a temporary COO from the city. If not, his new date would… Read More

Seattle housing cartoon

A co-worker taped this to my monitor; from the Seattle PI: