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Do condo owners want community?

By September 12, 2007


I was reading Andy Sack’s blog today and came across this post about how your startup needs to beBe something to someone and he mentioned an idea for condo owners:

Ultimately, as we talked I told him to either focus on letting condo owners in a condo complex to share tools (kind of an interesting idea).

I don’t know what tools condo owners would have, I don’t have any and haven’t really wanted any but I did wonder about condo community and how the Meritage doesn’t have any community yet. Though they are hosting the first get together this Thursday (six months after move-in.) I have a feeling Trace will be different even though it’s a similar sized building. I just have this sense from the few times I’ve interacted with other Trace owners that we’re all going to magically get along and have drinks together at the Gun Club, but maybe I’m wrong.

What’s the community like in your building? Is there none because we’re all victims and perpetrators of the Seattle Freeze?