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Q. are price reductions unfair?

Here’s a timely question being asked of Elizabeth Rhodes in her Homes Forum blog, Developer’s discount price riles others: A few months ago I helped my son buy a condo in a small, newly refurbished building. He got it for about $10,000 off the asking price, and the developer paid his closing costs. A month… Read More

MLS Watch: Prices go up (1400 Taylor), prices go down (Trio)

1400 Taylor 1400 Taylor decided after a month at $399,000 that it was time to up the price to $415,000. Best of luck with that. Mosler Mosler is now up to 23 units on the MLS. My favorite, and most expensive, is unit #1200 at $2,495,000 (now that’s a pricey flip! anyone know the original… Read More

Seattle is too sentimental

First we save a Denny’s and now we’re trying to save 1650 East Olive!? Here it is in all its glory. Really? I think Seattle has become much too sentimental recently. Let me be one of the first to say we should bulldoze those buildings and create better quality housing stock on Capitol Hill. The… Read More

Seattle Condo Tour is back

The Seattle Condo tour is back and featuring condos I’ve never heard of such as Burien Town Square and Sylvan Ridge. I like this quote: Both weekends are your chance to see and experience the newest condo opportunities available. Really? At least Lumen and Trio have been around since I first started shopping for condos… Read More

Westland Manor: Best photos ever

Urbnlivn reader Ming went and visited Westland Manor at 16th and John this morning and had this to report. — They’re looking to finish end of March, units are 650-690 sqft (with two 2-bed units at around 820 sqft). Prices are $320-$344, with the 2 bed units around $420. Kitchen is small, but rest are… Read More

Trace Lofts reduces prices

Last time I talked to Ted, Trace developer, about pricing he was adamant that he was in this for the long haul and that they would not ever lower prices. Imagine my surprise today when they dropped prices on #408 from $495,000 to $475,000 and #509 also from $495,000 to $475,000. Now I’m not a… Read More

Condo landlord questions insurance requirement

Condo investors may be interested in this question Elizabeth Rhodes recently answered: My partner and I own a condominium that we rent out. We were recently informed that our condo association has voted to require all renters, including our tenant, to purchase renters insurance. Although we are all for renters insurance, we were wondering about… Read More

Is Heron and Pagoda making Escala Cosmo 2.0?

With work kicking my ass others have been quicker to report on some projects but I hope to continue to provide the best forums for customer discussion of new projects. Thankfully Dan is helping me out by contributing the post below. Before we get to Dan’s thoughts let’s set the stage with other’s thoughts on… Read More

Vertigo – Not selling, trying lease-to-own

While some people are increasing prices to try and move units, doomed from the worst paint job ever, Vertigo, is trying lease to own.

Trends in price *increases*?

While there a normally a few price reductions every day in my condo search area I’ve noticed one or two price increases and decided to go back through the last two weeks of Redfin updates I’ve received and found this has in fact been a trend: 1610 Belmont Ave #511. Started at $499,950 on Jan… Read More

Reader asks for help about condensation issue

A reader asks for your help with this condensation issue. — I live in a corner, ground floor unit of a condominium purchased approximately 6 months ago in Seattle. The condominium is a conversion, although it was never lived in after initially being built 4-5 years ago. One egress/fire escape path for the building runs… Read More

Urbnlivn in Tacoma

938 Broadway, Tacoma is outside of my normal area of interest but I couldn’t say no to posting about an entire loft building for sale: Own an icon – the Artisan Building. Three wide-open floors: A signature urban residence, retail/gallery, office-all under one roof. Entire 1880 vintage brick loft building w/ new core: New gas… Read More

Olive 8 to offer price guarantee!?

I normally do not re-publish the press releases I get but this one is too special not to! …I assume this only applies to new buyers and that previous purchasers will not have the same guarantee. It will also be interesting to see if any other buildings follow suit. I know that Ted Schroth, Trace… Read More

Fifth and Columbia Tower

The Seattle Times today had some renderings of the proposed Fifth and Columbia tower, A new angle on Seattle’s skyline: At 660 feet, Daniels Development Co.’s Fifth and Columbia Tower would be the city’s fifth-tallest building, and the tallest constructed since 1990. But its height would be less distinctive than its angular design. I like… Read More

Sunday Seattle Times – Move in now!

Alrighty, no more buying the paper on Super Bowl weekend. Here’s the re-cap of ads in this past weekend’s Sunday Seattle Times: 1 Hotel Residences: Grand opening coming soon. Now selling. Occupancy 2010. It’s a lifestyle many desire but only a fortunate few will call their own. 1521: Occupancy 2008. Final purchase opportunity happening now…. Read More

It must be Monday!

Another cool loft at 80 S Jackson

80 S Jackson #204 looks like a sweet 2000 square foot loft in Pioneer Square. However, it needs a new kitchen and updated bathroom. At $679,000 it’s a low $347/square foot. Neighboring unit, #204 is still available (though pricey at $580/square foot.)

Worried about losing your view?

(Photo from: 506 E Howell St #E312 . The funny thing is the description says, ”Great unobstructed view of downtown, Olympics, Space Needle.”) Grabbed from the POWHat mailing list: VERY IMPORTANT LAST MINUTE NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING! The Cascade Neighborhood Needs Your Help!! Please Show Your Support – Join Friends and Residents of the Cascade Neighborhood for… Read More

Barrio to open in Trace North

The restaurant going into the ground floor of Trace North and 12th and Madison is Barrio [pdf]: Barrio, pronounced “[something],” takes its name from the Spanish word for neighborhood, a term generally used to describe a cohesive place. The food will take an innovative approach to regional Mexican cuisine by bringing a simple and seasonal… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times: No ads!

As transaction volume begins to pick up as we enter the 2008 real estate season I thought I’d contribute to the decline of our forests and pickup a Seattle Sunday Times yesterday to check out the ads. Shockingly the only ad for a Seattle condo was from Escala. What happened to the big spend from… Read More