Psychics, Flippers and Loan Extensions


Dominic attended the Arthaus open house, Your Future Holds… a Condo!

They put it on the market five months ago, but only four of the nine units have sold so far. And among the gimmicks to get people to into open houses, the couple has even offered massages from a licensed masseuse.


First Brix flipper, unit 207. At $375,000 for 809 square feet, only $464/sq. ft., it looks to be a pretty good deal. I haven’t toured the floorplan but I like it on paper because it moves the TV to a little den instead of dominating the living room.

In related news Brix news they’re having a Brix Broadway Grand Opening. You can see more at their VIP preview January 31st. Plus they have a special grand opening offer, no HOA dues until 2011.

Four Seasons

Their $179 million loan got extended!!! Of course this is not news but just business as usual:

This extension is in the ordinary course of business and should certainly not be regarded as any sort of sign of distress.

Which doesn’t explain why it’s being reported… And Wendy declares, “thanks god!. Hopefully they can sell some more multi-million dollar units before June when it expires again. I hear that segment of the Seattle condo market is red hot.

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  • lily

    Went and saw these condos (Arthaus). They're pretty cute, but kinda teeny tiny, w/ the exception of the top floor – that one was v. cool.

    Also, it's massage PRACTITIONER, not masseuse…I'm just sayin. :)

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