Wicked Loft in Pioneer Square

I love it!

210 3rd Ave S Unit 3D aka “The Lofts” looks amazing. It’s almost 1,500 square feet with 1 bed/1.75 bath. Priced at $579k. Last sold in ’06 for $530k.

29035686 9 0 Wicked Loft in Pioneer Square

29035686 4 0 Wicked Loft in Pioneer Square

Not sure I’m a fan of the fireplace though…

Compare to this similarly sized 17th floor unit at Cristalla priced at $1.2 mil which originally sold for $875k in ’05. (I know they’re not really comparable).

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  • http://www.poormansheli.com nitsuj

    That place is beautiful. Too bad it'd cost me 2 or 3x that here in SF.

  • Pioneer Squarer

    This building is across the street from the Union Gospel Mission men's shelter and directly upstairs from a free clinic. There's also no view. Not that Cristalla is on the greatest block either, but location keeps the price down.

  • EconE

    Those are some serious beams there.

    Those floors are AWESOME. They look…almost…dare I say…REAL! I wish engineered 3-strip floors were never invented.

    You could also fit a pool table in that place.

  • Anon

    Isn't that location right next to the train line as well? :(

    I do agree we need more loft type condo's in Seattle though.

  • http://www.nycwicked.com Katie James

    This is beautiful. I appreciate the designer.