Spoonman to Headline Townhouse Party Today

This evening from 5 pm to midnight you can enjoy the great weather at 1320 Remington Court (S Capitol Hill District: 1 block S of 14th and Jefferson) who has Spoonman headlining a party (party like it’s 2006!):

The party will begin after work on Friday. Seattle music legend Artis the Spoonman will be playing a rock concert for the party, and local artists Sadie, Tim Brown, Jamie Potter, Ben Hirschkoff, and others will be exhibiting their work throughout the evening. Food and drinks will be provided as well, so stop by at any time that works with you, or stay for the entire event. Come have fun with the HyBrid team, explore our newest building, and we look forward to seeing you at the party this Friday!

This is what the four unit project by Hybrid Architecture looks like (3 of the 4 units are sold):

More photos of the project.

They were also featured on the home page of DJC.com today for all you rich folks with paid subscriptions.

And for those of you townhouse fans you may be interested in the city’s event on Monday, Administrative Design Review for Townhouses.

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  • http://www.poormansheli.com nitsuj

    I think you meant 1996 with Artis!

  • http://www.poormansheli.com nitsuj

    I think you meant 1996 with Artis!