Twenty Five on the Park Headed to Auction

I’ve had my eye on Twenty Five on the Park for a while now. It’s one of my favorite town home projects; it’s not the usual craftsman bullshit and the location on Cal Anderson really can’t be beat (you’re both in the middle of everything, but live on a quite green street!). I even seriously considered buying at it. Back when it was an empty site I stopped by the sales center and snapped some photos (oddly I never got around to posting them). However, the prices were just a tad bit too high for me. I was also really bummed they weren’t putting in concrete floors like they did in the first phase (located just to the south on the same block).

Sadly the project has sat unfinished (interiors are framed but not finished) for quite some time and is now headed to auction on August 28th.

I’d still love to buy here (since I can’t afford First Church just yet).

If you’re a developer, please snap this place up, and I’ll trade you online marketing services in exchange for a deal on one of the west facing units. Sound good?

Here’s all my photos. And this is the Dwelling Company’s site for the project.

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  • Dan

    I heard that the first phase which is next to this is having a lot of water intrusion issues along the paths between the homes and is leaking down into the common garage. Sounds like they can't get the developer to properly fix it and now legal action is ramping up and/or a big assessment for the 9 homeowners for the fix. Not fun.

  • jcricket

    Thanks for posting this Matt – was wondering what was up. I like the underground parking – no matter what the design of the townhomes the stupid “auto court” is terrible in most of them.

    I noticed that most of these aren't finished on the inside. I wonder if they'll just turn them into rental townhomes?

  • The Dwellings Company's Metro City Homes in Tacoma is scheduled to be auctioned June 26th. 10 units sold at the project.
    13 unsold
    17 vacant lots

  • Justin

    Love these places. The wide staircase and master bedrooms with rooftop decks are pretty cool.

  • Justin

    Love these places. The wide staircase and master bedrooms with rooftop decks are pretty cool.

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