8 New Townhomes in LQA

Eight new townhomes popped up for sale in Lower Queen Anne today at Fourth and Roy. 319 W Roy St is priced at $685k for 1,600 square feet. Putting it at $428/sq. ft.

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  • aql

    I was excited until I saw those interiors…pretty ordinary.

  • phil

    Worth a look if you're in the market.
    Great location, easy bus access to downtown and other locals. 2 underground parking spots per unit. Deck space on top of each unit with open views. Units are on 2 side streets, so should be fairly quiet.

    Pricey? Consider that a few blocks up the hill are multi-million dollar homes, this is an area that is getting more expensive. Some of the new townhomes on W Olympic, just a block above, are selling in the million dollar range.
    (I live up the hill from these units, so I'm a bit biased)

  • Sean P.

    The building looks really nice on the outside. They actually put effort into designing something that would fit in amongst older brick and art deco construction.

    However, I do have to wonder why they built 3-bedroom units in a neighorhood populated almost entirely by single people and childless couples (I work nearby and almost never see children except those on field trips to the Seattle Center). Trying to fill a niche, I guess.

  • phil

    Roommates more likely, but if we ever get that park restored/rebuilt it would be more child friendly. The school bus does make a stop a couple blocks away so there are a few youngsters in the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Roy

    I've watched this building being built for the last two years and while I initially had high hopes for this building. But upon closer inspection I realized that these unit are only ideal if your willing to live in a fish bowl since you have no privacy on the ground floor due the large windows and close proximity to the sidewalk unless keep the shades down all the time. Also the parking garage is ideal for if you own a Mini or a Smart but not much else. I loved this neighborhood I've called it home for over a decade but I really wouldn't live on the ground floor here.