First Church Drops Price on #8

First Church, one of my favorite townhouse projects, dropped the price on unit #8 from $925k to $800k (I don’t believe those photos are from unit #8…) King County Parcel viewer is working right now so no idea how many units they’ve already sold but their website says 2 of the 12 have.

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  • The MD

    With no view, lacking in natural light, odd location, and the layout of copious amounts of stairs, I would expect these units will go for about $420-$450//sq. ft. So, even at $800,000 for this unit, they're still over $100,000 overpriced for fair market value.

  • cd

    Agreed. The split levels and lack of natural light is a deal killer for me at those prices.

    They are advertising some of the larger homes as having 'media rooms', which can only lead to trouble because they have adjoining walls. The soundproofing better be good!

    Their website hasn't been updated since before Xmas – the two sold homes have been on there as long as I can remember.