Live/Work Lofts on Queen Anne

These six live/work lofts on Queen Anne at 623 Aloha caught my eye this morning. $469k for 1,415 square feet for a 1 bed/1.5 bath:

Queen Anne welcomes 6 stunning new live + work lofts. Join the movement of progressive and innovative design with a smart floor plan and dynamic location. These lofts are flexible (use them how you choose) and feature quality finishes you are expecting. These lofts are actually lofts! Soaring ceilings, lots of light and active views. Dramatic roof top decks bring the Seattle skyline to your door step.

Based on what I see online I loved for Capitol Hill to welcome some of these!

24297 0 Live/Work Lofts on Queen Anne

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  • Dominic

    Ok, i'm useless. Whats a 'live/work space'? Is it some where you work & live, or the unit can be used as offices instead of a home (E.g. your neighbour might an office)

  • michel77

    See Wikipedia here:

    A live/work loft is a space designed to house a resident and their business. This concept has been a vital part of the redevelopment of major downtown cities inner cores. The concept of cutting costs on space, travel and more is essential in the live/work loft.

    Tread with caution though as some of these (depending on their definition and zoning restrictions) are tough to finance.

  • lmn

    I was excited about these til I checked the location. It's just west of Aurora, too close to the sketchy part of SLU and right next to the future north terminus of the supertunnel (meaning years of construction hassles).

  • phil

    But it's a “dynamic location”!

  • meliason

    is this early PB elemental?

  • lulo

    Yes. Great designs… far from ideal location – one side faces a run-down church' parking lot and the other side is oh-so-close to Aurora/99.