Interesting Lofts: Lofts & Townhomes Edition

Pike Lofts

First up is unit #512 at 303 Pike St which is a nicely upgraded unit at the Pike Lofts.

Priced at $349k for a 1 bed 796 square foot unit. If you like Pike Lofts and want a large outdoor patio check out unit #309 that just came on the market at $328k which has had some bath and kitchen improvements too.

Townhouses on 14th

I like the look of these Pb Elemental designed townhouses at 14th and Spring. Great location and views, just a little pricey for my taste (not that I could sell if I wanted to!)

This one is $595k for 1,730 square feet. Find out more at Urban View Homes.

80 S Jackson Loft

I have a soft spot for 1,000+ square foot 0/1 bedroom lofts… So check out 80 S Jackson unit #205. 1,100 square feet for $379k. Last sold in March ’05 for $320k:

Contemporary Queen Anne Townhome

If you’re looking for something less gritty there is this $1.115m townhome in Queen Anne at 423 Ward St. 2,100 square feet… Last sold in late ’05 for $910k.

Pricey Upper Floor at Cristala

This one caught my eye because I couldn’t believe someone would ask $625k for a 773 square foot unit. But it is at Cristalla. Last sold in fall ’06 for $689k and originally bought in ’05 for $535k.

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  • LostInSeattle

    Those townhouses on 14th are way overpriced. That being said, it looks like one went pending after only about 3 days on market. I guess one IS born every minute….

  • Pinestreet

    I heard 3 are sold now, must be priced right? Hard to find new townhomes so close to pike/pine.

  • LostInSeattle

    How can 3 be sold? The math rules this rumor and/or sales pitch out.
    The development only has 5 units total and as of this minute 3 are listed on the MLS as being active.

    5 total minus 3 active does not equal 3 sold (the last unit I have not seen on the MLS and am unsure of the status, it could be unsold too). Are you the builder?

    I do think they are nice units, just overpriced. If these do not go pending before the expiration of the tax credit, the price will need to come down.

  • pboy

    The PB places look nice but they've cut corners e.g. the bathrooms have shower curtains rather than glass. WTF?!

  • LostInSeattle

    pboy, I think you are correct and WTF is probably the right remark. At this (over) price range there is no excuse for cutting corners like that.