$8k Credit On Remaining 9 Veer Lofts

Veer Lofts in SLU is trying to move their remaining few units with a $8k promotion:

Veer Lofts is offering an $8000 CREDIT at closing (no waiting until you file your tax return) if you write your purchase agreement by July 30, 2010 and close by September 15, 2010.

101* 2-story Townhome 987 $385,000
102* 2-story Townhome 919 $370,000
104 2-story Townhome 919 $370,000
109 2-story Townhome 1027 $370,000
111 2-story Townhome 1073 $385,000
112* 2-story Townhome 975 $370,000
209 Open 1 Bedroom 741 $289,500
401* Open 1/1 + Loft 610 $295,000
414* Open 1/1 + Loft 695 $300,000

* model home

For sales at Veer in the last 3 months, of which there has been 13, the $/sq. ft. has ranged from $309 to $472 and has averaged $405.

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    FYI, the $/sf sales price range is way off, specifically for the condo I purchased. I bought a 670 sf unit for 290k. For whatever reason, it is listed in public records as something like 980 s.f. So no it was not $309/sf, it was $432.