Realogics Sotheby’s Opens a Residential & Resort Showroom in Belltown

Thursday evening I swung by the new Realogics Sotheby’s “Residential & Resort Showroom” for their opening reception. The place was packed with friends and clients of Realogics Sotheby’s. I was clearly under dressed in my jeans and short sleeve shirt:

As everyone else was decked out in suits and designer dresses. It almost didn’t feel like we were in Seattle.

Previously Realogics had been in a non-retail space around 2nd and Pine/Pike but since joining with Sotheby’s they’ve decided to open a flashy retail space in Belltown at 1st and Cedar. With offices in the back for their agents (they have 23 agents) the front is a showcase for swank resort places in the Sotheby’s network as well as a showroom for some high end art. They’re planning on using it to host events such as wine tastings.

If I were them I’d focus more on their online presence (ditch Map Quest for the “view map” feature, use Google Maps!) then on fancy chairs but I’m likely a little out of touch with the Sotheby’s demographic :).

Here’s a few photos from the Realogics team of the new space:

There’s more photos of the event on Facebook.

Disclosure: Realogics is an advertiser here.

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  • Gura

    They should just hang a sign out the front: “Look at all the expensive furniture we purchased with your commissions!”.

  • JBowers

    shoot! unlike i mean. as much as i'd like to “haha” and agree with you, that's not true. that's all dean and his investment in just trying to do great.

  • Justin Bowers

    Congrats! the chocolate behind the counter is just FAB!

  • Justin Bowers

    and…today especially, what commissions are you referring to? ha. there are none really.