Inside Look at #302 at Banner Building

I’m a sucker for concrete shells. Instead of having to live in someone else’s imposed vision of urban living you get a blank canvas to create a killer space. However, most of the time you can only get a concrete shell if you’re buying a multi-million dollar penthouse type unit. So when an “affordable” shell hits the market it catches my eye. And when it pops up at the Banner Building, an AIA award winning Belltown condo destined by Ed Weinstein, even better!

#302 at the Banner Building first hit the market May 13, 2008 and has been on and off the market a few times since then priced first at $525k, then $499k and finally this week they dropped the price down to $420k.

A year ago, frustrated that there were so few photos of the interior we swung by to check it out and snap some pics.

Now, as it turns out this isn’t a bare concrete shell.

It has a tiny kitchen:

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And a tiny bathroom featuring a sliding wall that exposes the bathtub to the living space:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

If you look out the floor-to-ceiling windows to the south there is even a view of the water:

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Graph of appraisals

Current average appraisal:


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  • david reeves

    I looked at that place almost two years ago. I liked the space, but when you stand back from the window at all, your view is entirely dominated by the building across the street, which is pretty dark in color and doesn’t reflect any light. So the whole place came across feeling like a cave to me.

    Otherwise, very cool.

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    This unit seems particularly appealing now with its reduced price, but even more significant are the insanely low interest rates right now. So units like this not only have a smaller sticker price, but the options of remodeling to a buyer’s taste have significantly increased. Great post!

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