Modern Eco Home Builders?

A reader asked us about modern eco home builders and short of Pb Elemental I don’t really have list of others handy. Help us compile a list!

I’m looking for a very easy to maintain, zero lot line stand alone home on a very small plot. In Wallingford / East Lake. Eco heated floors, tankless hot water heater, modern finishings. Something not unlike the Phinney homes on your homepage (but detached) and maybe like the Carr Pl homes (which just sold).

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  • Aseem

    PB are architects,  not builders. You might be interested in our experience acquiring land and building such a home (designed by PB) in Phinney Ridge:
    Other builders that come to mind are Greenleaf, DC Granger, Build LLC, and Dwell Development.

  • Joe

    PB are scumbags. I know two people that he owes money for work he has never paid them for.

  • phil

    Some more local builders:  greenfab, Cascade Built, and Method Homes.

  • phil

    Also, Seattle HomeWork:
    “For our new construction projects we use the most advanced European computer-aided-design and robotic manufacturing systems to produce new homes of unparalled quality and design.

  • Delljung

    G projects, Method Homes, One Build, Greenleaf

  • If you have access to land in / near Wallingford / Eastlake that can support 2+ units, let’s talk.  I’m the reader that inquired above!

  • Drucker

    Darin Granger is the contractor from heaven.

  • Steven

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
    The key is redundancy in reduction in all aspects: from design and construction to marketing and use. Using recycled materials is good but only reduces waste. Reusing will reduce waste as well as expense, and energy. For any home and most other building construction you should look into reusing mud and clay filled used car or tractor tires for the foundatipn and shipping containers for the shell or framing. Shipping containers are hands down the best. They come in several different sizes and are designed to be stacked side to side, and top to bottom. You can cut out openings windows, and doorways and customize the interior and exterior to have whatever look your going for. With the huge savings in construction you can invest in green technologies like wind belt and solar electric generators, water and grey water collection systems, planter cells sewage systems, and permiculture edible gardens.
    Gencon is a local company in north seattle that has very a experienced contractor, Richard, that loves to work on these type of projects no matter what stage your in.
    Hope this helps you out with your home.

  • Anything can be recycled – doors, windows, floors, glass, tiles, bricks – its the ultimate in creativity!

  • Net-zero energy on houses is the trend these days because it’s surely going to save the home buyers a lot of money in the long run. I would like to install some solar panels too for my new house because I know it also helps save the environment. 

  • Good luck with your hunt. He should look into conveyancers that will certainly help make buying a property much easier.