New Modern Queen Anne Townhouses

Lots of new construction town houses being built these days!

Latest ones to the market are two townhouses in Queen Anne that should be done in June.

Located at 910 6th Ave, the one on the MLS is $525k for 1,673 square feet, 2 beds, 2 baths.

Looks promising!

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  • Anonymous

    Funny, just went to see those last night, they’ve just finished dry-walling the place, and either “accidentally” dry-walled over a lot of door frames, or it is going to be an open floor plan.  The 1st floor bedrooms are very small, and the master suites on the 3rd floors  are like a maze.

    The architects should be ashamed – they took what could have been a very useable space and made a complete mess out of it.

    Note that the photos on the listing are not of this place at all.  Views are nice, but neighboring buildings are rather decrepit and very close (though I guess this fault is true of most new construction in Seattle).

  • GM

    I love the phony renderings. No way on earth do those stairs meet code!