Reader Report: Arbor Place #1201

Urbnlivn reader @carbzilla recently toured Unit 1201 at Arbor Place at 121 Vine St. Which is a good thing since we were going to blog about it anyway :). The concrete ceilings caught our eye, plus we’ve never blogged about Arbor Place which used to be an apartment but then was converted by Intracorp.

Unit 1201 is an even $500k for 996 square feet. 2 beds, 1.75 baths.

It’s a really great buy for someone who’s not wedded to a newer building. You definitely don’t want to tour it after walking through a bunch of high-ceilinged buildings (we went over after touring Bellora and my mind was totally playing tricks on me. The ceiling felt like it was closing in at Arbor Place, but it’s really not that bad).

Anyway, the remodel is fantastic – very high end and glamorous, but a very definite male energy. The view is terrific, even from the miniscule deck. Anyway, though it’s not the place for us, I think it’s a terrific buy in this market and your readers might want to know.

I’m not sure what’s being built to the East of Arbor Place, but it doesn’t have any bearing on this unit.

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  • Palimpsest

    The lot east of Arbor Place is the former McGuire Apartments, which was just demo’d because of construction defects (faulty post-tensioned cables). Don’t know what or when something else will be built on the lot.

  • Carbzilla

    That’s good to know. That all went down before we started looking downtown so I had no idea where McGuire apartments had been. Thanks for the info.

  • GM

    Did they fix the paper thin walls in this place when they converted it? My guess is probably not…

  • Amir

    Half a mil with $700+ monthly dues for a sub-1000 square foot condo in a 20+ year old built-as-apartments building, not a great buy IMHO … “top of the line everything” upgrade notwithstanding …