Buy a Townhouse, Get a Car!

If you buy a $420k townhouse on Beacon Hill at 1734 13th Ave S you get a brand new Fiat 500 (MSRP $16,000). Likely appropriately sized for the garage on these things :).

With houses selling fast I’m confused why this developer would offer a car with the purchase of a townhome. Why not just price the place appropriately? Everything we’ve seen priced right, sells. In fact, we haven’t seen a car promotion since 2010 when 1111 was giving away a Smart Car, back when we were in the doldrums of real estate sales. Or maybe this spring and summer’s real estate bubble has final burst.


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  • Peter K

    yah seriously…why not just price them at $399,900 and move on…

  • kellydeen

    Fiat contacted the developer, Joe Parr, about a joint promotion. Fiat provided the car to “stage” the petite garage. As for why the developer/Fiat would do this? The free press can’t hurt sales of the homes and 500’s. And, the units are very unique and worth a look!

  • mattgoyer

    Thanks for letting us know! And I guess we fell for the free press thing :).