Three(!) New Modern Homes in Magnolia

Looking for a new modern home in Magnolia? Today is your lucky day. Three new homes just came on the market today. Two right beside each other and the other is only a block away.

Which would you choose? My pick based only on the photos would be 2335 W Newston St. I think the Newton homes have a lot more personality from the outside and I like that 2335 has views from the kitchen and living room. They also both have a garage and a carport. Though I’m worried that the living room for 2335 and 2337 is small. But maybe I’m misjudging what I’m seeing in the photos.

Here’s a look at 2335 which the builder bought in December 2012 for $293k.

2335 W Newton St Exterior Three(!) New Modern Homes in Magnolia

2335 W Newton St Kitchen Three(!) New Modern Homes in Magnolia

2335 W Newton St Roof Three(!) New Modern Homes in Magnolia

The before shot:

2335 W Newton Before Three(!) New Modern Homes in Magnolia

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  • ninaf

    Ha, the 775K on newton came on the market at 950K which seemed about 200K too high. It also has kind of crappy views except for the roof deck. The views in the neighborhood are awesome but there are a lot of really old houses/apartments in the area. These stick out like a sore thumb.

  • mattgoyer

    To be honest I rarely go to Magnolia so I barely know it. Great to get the local perspective :).

  • mattgoyer

    And thanks for the heads up on the re-listing and re-pricing. I’ve updated the blog post and included a before photo. They bought the land for ~$300k in December.