Slog Crowns the Bellagio Worst Building in Seattle

Earlier this week The Stranger’s Slog crowned Capitol Hill condo the Bellagio the worst building in Seattle, Behold: The Worst Building in Seattle: Not only is the building a knockoff of a knockoff (Italy via Vegas), it’s unbelievably shoddily constructed, which seems perfect. The building doesn’t even meet the ground squarely (see picture). When I… Read More

MLS Watch: Price cuts at Bellagio, 2 million in Madison

I stay up every night waiting for my Redfin Listing Alert email to find out what’s going on in condo land. Sad to say that there hasn’t been much to blog about lately. However, Bellagio did me a favor with some price cuts. The 1611 Looking for an upscale condo in Madison Park? Check out… Read More

MLS Watch – 2 weeks of new construction updates

2200 25 Bellagio Added 3 more units to the MLS for a total of 4. Their HOAs feel really low at $0.26/square foot. Cosmo 28 Decatur Decatur recently dropped prices on a number of units between $3k and $10k. Though oddly raised the price of #1306 $3k to $302,950 and #1007 $5k to $465,960 Equinox… Read More

Bellagio Price Sheet

Two people recently asked about the Bellagio on Capitol Hill. Here is the price sheet they have one unit at $340,000 with the rest in the mid fives and up. As for numbers, 12 sold, 1 contingent, 10 available. After putting my math degree from a prestigious university to work I do not think it… Read More