Seventeen07 Auction Update

1707 Boylston aka Auction1707 still has more than ten units they’re trying to move. Right now they’re calling focus and trying to move them but they’ll hit the MLS soon if they can’t sell them to their “VIP” list. Here’s a sampling of prices: Studios at $105k and $110k 1 bedrooms #107 at $220 as-is… Read More

Silent Auction of 1707

For one studio and four 1 bedrooms Seventeen07 is doing a silent auction that ends this Friday at 3 PM. The “starting” prices are: #102: $239 #103: $239 #208: $230 #314: $235 You’ll be glad to know they accept escalation clauses as part of the auction. What they’ll do with the remaining units after that… Read More

Auction 1707: Going Once, Going Twice…

I spent the weekend on Orcas Island and missed out on Auction of 1707. From what I can gather what happened was they auctioned 14 of the 17 units. Since the final price of the 14th unit was rather low they decided to suspend the auction and held back the last 3 units (#102, #112,… Read More

Photos From Seventeen07 aka Auction 1707

After chatting with with this guy and finding out they make $13/hour we stopped by 1707 Boylston Ave while waiting for my haircut. So the story on this project is that they sold 10 units, rented 9 and are now auctioning 17. To get in on the auction you need to be pre-approved with their… Read More

Auction 1707 Marketing Campaign

It’s in high gear. Recently seen on Capitol Hill: Recently seen while reading a blog:

Sunday Seattle Times

It’s been a long time since I forked over $0.75 for the Sunday Seattle Times but while I was picking up a New York Times today I was curious about what the condo marketers had to say in these tumultuous times. Turns out, not much. Page 2: Seventeen07: 1/8 of page ad advertising their October… Read More