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1521 Condo Under $1 Million

By October 13, 2011


1521 2nd Ave #1202

After recently clicking on an updated listing for 1521 Second Avenue, I rubbed my eyes and squinted at the screen and still the asking price on #1202 showed itself to have a sub-$1M price tag — $945K to be exact. For those not familiar with 1521, the downtown luxury condominium has a track record of selling units for over $1M.

In a follow-up with Realogics, we learned that several units that formerly served as model homes and the sales office are now being offered at their pre-sale prices. The models are being released because some floor plans are sold out or nearing sold out in certain stacks.

I’m still waiting to hear back on which other units are offered at pre-sale prices (rumor is they aren’t all on lower floors) and will update this post when I have that info. In the meantime — this just in — there’s an open house at 1521 this weekend (full details here). The condominium has 24 homes left available of 143 total.

Disclaimer: Realogics and 1521 are Urban Living advertisers.