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Discover SLU Event: Veer, Rollin Street, Enso, Martin

By June 19, 2006

Enso, Rollin Street, The Martin, Veer Lofts

What little information there’s been about the next phase of developments at South Lake Union really piqued my interest and so I’d been anxiously awaiting this Saturday’s preview but it turned out to be pretty disappointing. In the end it was lots of hype for an early look at floorplans. This is the last time I blow off a trip to Whistler in exchange for getting the scoop on new condos! My advice to condo promoters is that we’re busy active people and our weekends are sacred, especially in the summer. Please plan your events for during the week.

On Saturday a few friends and I headed over to the Discovery Center:

Though all they really had available was the big model of Seattle. The rest of the center was closed off. Presumably they’re pulling out the 2200 display kitchens, bath and finishes and installing new vignettes for their new developments.

The real action was at the tent:

We showed up at around 4:30 and there was a line of 20 or so people waiting to sign in.

Once in it was pretty busy:

There were two open bars and lots of servers circulating with sushi, chocolate strawberries and other goodies. Though the real center of attentions were the three faux living rooms setup for Veer Lofts, Rolling Street and Enzo. However, these faux living rooms were nothing more than a designer couch and some additional furniture. They were not true vignettes. Though they did have these fun magnet boards so you could space plan your new flat:

The only real thing of value for each project was that you could get a marketing brochure. a stack of floorplans (if they don’t update their sites in the next 24 hours I’ll scan in the floor plans and post them), and the buying process. They also had very vague pricing:

Veer: Mid $200’s+
Rolling: Low $400’s+
Martin: Low $400’s+
Enso: Mid $400’s+


Veer: Mid $600’s+
Rolling: $1.5+ mil
Martin: $1.6+ mil
Enso: $1.6+ mil

Circulating on the floor were employees from the various firms attached to the project (architects, designers, etc. ) to answer your questions. We found out that Veer has two finish options (they had both displayed but the photos didn’t turn out) (In my opinion the cabinate and flooring choices were tacky). For Enso you have four choices for the bath and four choise for the rest (so you can mix and match). For Martin there are 6 options for every finish, truly enabling you to pick and choose.

While there was talk of music and performance artists for the twenty minutes we were there we listened to a DJ and someone came up to talk about the Enso purchase process but no one was really listening. Since I didn’t expect to find out anything more than what was in the printed material available we left early to watch Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals (go Oilers!).

I’ll post my thoughts about each project in the coming days.

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