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Trace North Unwrapped – Closing Mid May

By April 2, 2008

Trace North

This week Trace North has been unwrapped (click-thru for high-res photos):

Trace North Exterior - Seattle Condo

Trace North Exterior - Seattle Condo

Trace North Exterior

I’m so glad it’s finally getting unwrapped, I’m tired of living beside the “death star” as the developer referred to the wrap. With it finally unwrapped I’m very surprised how easy it is to see into the units from the street! Floor to ceiling windows suddenly aren’t so appealing. I’m also not a fan of the Juliet decks; they should be banned.

Closings will start May 18th. I think they’re around 30% sold.

Search for Trace units on Redfin. With the wrap done and lots of units looking done I hope they add better photos to the listings soon.

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