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How’s the Heat in Your Condo?


By July 30, 2009

I missed Seattle’s epic heat yesterday by escaping down to the much…

The Block on Queen Anne Sneaks Up On Us

The Block

By July 26, 2009

Who knew about this project and didn’t tell us?? The Block “perched…

Harvard and Highland on Capitol Hill

Harvard and Highland

By July 25, 2009

In between festivities for the “Barton” wedding today I swung by the…

Ward’s Cove Enclave on Lake Union – I’m on a Boat!


By July 24, 2009

After work, before hockey, I headed down to Ward’s Cove on Eastlake…

Eleven Eleven Offering Incentives For Teachers?

Eleven Eleven East Pike

By July 23, 2009

I find this odd an promotion. If you’re a teacher or student…

Seattle Times Reports Four Seasons Cutting Prices

Four Seasons

By July 23, 2009

Seattle Times reports, High-profile Four Seasons condo project cuts prices: It’s been…

Meeting William Justen at 1521

1521 - Fifteen Twenty-One

By July 23, 2009

Last Thursday I went to a New Home Council Meeting that was…

One “Affordable” Unit Left At Leona


By July 22, 2009

Leona has had a busy spring and summer. Erica tells me they’re…

Who Is Not Having a Broker’s Open Tomorrow?

Enclave, Harvard and Highland, Thornton Place

By July 22, 2009

I feel like we’re back in the bubble; every week there’s more…

The Crazy Questions I Get


By July 22, 2009

Every few days I get an email from people with a gmail…