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Enso Closings Start in 2-3 Weeks

By November 22, 2009


Forwarded by an Enso buyer:

Got this on Friday from WM (I only transcribed the relevant portions, since they sent it to us a a JPEG!):

Greetings Enso Buyer,

We are thrilled to announce that your home is nearly ready for occupancy as we are finalizing the last items necessary for you to close and move into you new home at Enso. Please understand we have a lot of buyers that all want to move in at once and that we are committed to making your move as easy and smooth as possible.

We expect to send closing notices to all of our Enso homebuyers within the next 15-25 days, with move-ins starting in December and continuing through early 2010. In the next week, you will be receiving in the mail a comprehensive packet of information with complete details on the closing and move-in process. As part of this packet, we will be sending you a POS addendum with the final recorded POS condominium documents, along with a POS receipt for you to sign and return. There is a stamped return envelope for your convenience.

The Enso Team

Matt Goyer, Seattle real estate agent.

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