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Weekly Wrapup

By March 2, 2018

Market Report

Due to the KODA event, last weekend was crazy! We were there and helped five clients reserve units, and then mid-week helped a client buy a unit at Nexus. We tried to help a client at One88 but by the time our turn to buy a unit came up, the starting price was $1.8m (!!!).

The one offer we wrote on a resale, was on a condo at the Bolero listed at $495k, that received 5-6 offers and we heard likely went for $580k.

While we didn’t write an offer on a Wedgwood home listed at $650k, we heard it received 18 offers, 4 of which were over $900k. That’s absurd.

In other news, Seattle-area home market was nation’s hottest for 2017 — and cheaper areas from Bellingham to Spokane weren’t far behind. Will SODO provide housing relief? Likely not, The Sodo question: Debate continues over the neighborhood’s future.

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