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Archives: Capitol Hill

Interlaken Contemporary

Capitol Hill

By March 17, 2017

I did a double take when I saw the year built for…

Concrete & Glass Capitol Hill Wonder

Capitol Hill

By January 24, 2017

Wow! Perched on the hill on the eastern edge of Capitol Hill…

Funky Single Family Loft

Capitol Hill

By January 4, 2017

At first glance 1615 22nd Ave doesn’t look like the kind of…

New Modern on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

By October 5, 2016

We don’t see a lot of new homes being built on the…

Modern Living Above Lake Union

Capitol Hill

By September 13, 2016

Enjoy west-facing views over Lake Union from this modern, updated, 3,000 square…

Modern Multi-level in Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

By June 21, 2016

This single-family home at 717 10th Avenue E in north Capitol Hill…

A Shipbuilder’s Wedding Gift

Capitol Hill

By March 19, 2016

2340 Federal Ave E looks craftsman on the outside but inside it…

Modern on North Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

By January 14, 2016

2606 Harvard Ave E looks small from the front, but looks huge…

Contemporary Lookout Over Lake Union

Capitol Hill

By October 13, 2015

Unfortunately never heard back from the listing agent about whether we could…

Build Your Dream Home on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

By October 7, 2015

We don’t see many vacant lots come up for sale on Capitol…