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Archives: Medina

Midcentury time capsule on Evergreen Point Road seeks wealthy benefactor

Houses, Medina

By March 4, 2020

2036 Evergreen Point Road in Medina was built in 1956 as a…

Medina modern evokes an earlier era

Houses, Medina

By February 17, 2020

830 84th Ave NE is a vast modern home built in 2007—but…

Medina Contemporary


By May 16, 2019

1237 Evergreen Point Road in Medina has had quite the remodel! Built…

Japanese Engawa Styled Home in Medina


By March 13, 2019

We don’t see a lot of Japanese styled homes in Seattle which…

$15m Medina Modern


By April 1, 2018

Can’t wait for a custom built waterfront modern home? 3225 Evergreen Point…