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Beacon Hill Homes by Barcelo

Beacon Hill

By October 8, 2015

Barecelo Homes is building four homes in North Beacon Hill. One of…

B6 Now Preselling in North Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill, Featured

By September 24, 2015

Heads up, this is a sponsored post. B6 offers affordable style +…

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Modern Townhouses near Beacon Hill Light Rail

Beacon Hill, Townhouses

By October 18, 2014

A pair of brand spanking new modern townhouses, only a five minute…

NEW in North Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill, Beacon Hill, Townhouses

By January 6, 2014

Dwell NW brings 4 new homes (1 is sold) to North Beacon Hill.…

Buy a Townhouse, Get a Car!

Beacon Hill

By July 16, 2013

If you buy a $420k townhouse on Beacon Hill at 1734 13th…