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Four Condos Started Reservations Today and There Were No Lines

By September 15, 2018

750 on the Hill, Edison, Solis, Wallingford 45

Four new condo buildings held reservation events on Capitol Hill this morning. Solis (45-units), and the Neighborhood Collection’s Atrium (34 units), Edison (51 units) and Wallingford 45 (48 units).

When they opened their doors at 11am Solis had maybe 10 people in line, and Neighborhood Collection had 5.

Here’s the line at Solis:

And the line at Neighborhood Collection:

They were both trumped by the line at the sneaker store:

I waited in the Neighborhood Collection line for 30 minutes, holding spot number six, but gave up as the first three people they let in were taking their time. I then swung by Solis who amazingly had 14 units already reserved. I suspect some of those reservations were from insiders and not from the meager line.

The sales team were prepared though. Plenty of staff on-hand, security guards even, and some food trucks.

It’ll be interesting to see if these projects stick as condos or go back to apartments. (Preserving that flexibility is why I believe they do reservation events instead of sales events.)

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